So excited to get the chance to speak with Filmmaker / Digital Artist / Sound Designer, Salomon Ligthelm.  This video is our 40 min conversation about his background, work and future. Didn't want to waste any time with an introduction, just wanted to dive right in.  This is completely unedited.

Before watching the interview footage, check out Salomon's latest piece, "Silent Transitions," which i ask him about during our interview.

"Silent Transitions" Interview

Salomon on Twitter

Salomon's Portfolio Site

Salomon's Blog

Interview Time Line

First 5:05 ..We learn about Salomon's Background

@ 5:15 ..I ask about how he got into production

@ 13:25 ..I ask about his gear/Favorite Lenses

@ 16:05 ..I ask about his color grading techniques

@ 21:11 ..Salomon tells about using twixtor and gives advice when planning to use it for a shoot

@ 27:08 ..We discuss his compositing work on "Silent Transitions"

@ 31:20 Salomon shares camera techniques

@ 35:26 I ask about his future plans

@ 40:09 Gives some good advice to other Creatives